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alanya hotelsIf you’re looking for a terrific beach holiday in Turkey, then Cikcilli will not disappoint. This Turkish coastal resort town is known as the “pearl of the Turkish Riviera” and it’s easy to see why. With miles of clean sandy beaches, you won’t have to struggle to find a spot to soak up the warm Turkish sunshine. Alanya is divided into two main beaches – east and west – by a spectacular rocky peninsula.



The world-famous beaches of Alanya - Cikcilli aren’t the only thing to enjoy however, as this region also has a strong cultural heritage. If you need a break from the sun check out the castle or see the spectacular view from the Red Tower. Those that want to catch as many rays as possible but don’t fancy lounging around will also find a wide range of water sports and outdoor activities to participate it.

Much like Side, its smaller cousin to the west, Alanya - Cikcilli has, in the past couple of decades, been discovered – and subsequently conquered – by European package tourism, especially from Germany and Scandinavia. There’s good reason for this, of course: Alanya’s silky sand beach stretches for more than 20km to the east, where a parade of all-inclusive five-star resorts now sit practically side-by-side.s.


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