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Alanya Castle: Alanya Castle, which has become the symbol of Alanya, is located in the center. Do not return from Alanya without visiting the castle which has a history of hundreds of years. Alara Castle: Alara Castle, which is one of the most beautiful examples of Turkish architecture, is located on the Alanya-Antalya road. Sinek Castle: This historic building in Eliseki Village has a magnificent view. Every year thousands of tourists visit Sinek Castle, you must visit. Kizil Kule (Red Tower): Located in the center of Alanya, the Red Tower is one of the most magnificent buildings in the region. The tower, which has survived since the 1200s, has a height of 33 meters and has become one of the symbols of Alanya today. Alanya Museum: The Museum of Alanya, where historical monuments from many civilizations are exhibited, including the Greeks, Romans, Lydians and Byzantines, is also home to the world-famous Herakles Statue. The museum consists of two sections: archeology and ethnology. Ancient Cities: Rising over thousands of years of history, Alanya has many ancient cities. The most important of these are Iotape, Selinus Ancient City, Syedra Ancient City and Hamaksia Ancient City. You can visit these ancient cities and take a journey through the history of Alanya.