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Turkish Riviera is a good travel destination all year round. People, who like to avoid suffocating heat in summer, should visit in May or June. In winter temperatures stay quite mild, around 17°C. It can be rainy though.
Alanya has a typical Mediterranean climate. The Mediterranean Basin ensures that most rain comes during the winter, leaving the summers long, hot, and dry, prompting the Alanya board of Tourism to use the slogan "where the sun smiles". Storm cells sometimes bring with them fair weather waterspouts when close to the shore.[39] The presence of the Taurus Mountain in close proximity to the sea causes fog, in turn creating visible rainbows many mornings. The height of the mountains creates an interesting effect as snow can often be seen on them even on hot days in the city below. The sea at Alanya has an average temperature of 21.4 °C (71 °F) annually, with an average August temperature of 28.0 °C (82 °F).

Its location, sheltered by the Taurus Mountains and lying on a small peninsula into the Mediterranean Sea, means that Alanya is home to amazing weather all year round.
The Taurus Mountains which lie behind the town act as a wind break meaning that the cold winds that blow from the north are broken up before reaching the coast. As a result it is cooler and drier than areas reached by the winds. You will find plenty of sun, warmth and ideal swimming conditions for almost 8 months of the year. The ocean temperature in August boasts an average temperature of 27.9°C. Even in the winter months the average sea temperature sits at 16°C to 18°C, which isn’t exactly unbearable!

Rainfall is mainly confined to the autumn and winter months. Very little rain falls throughout summer.
Alanya is home to an enviable 310 to 320 days of glorious sunshine per year, so you can be sure to see you fair share of rays regardless of what time of the year you choose to visit; the only conceivable reason as to why the Alanya tourist board chose the slogan ‘where the sun smiles’. Sunshine levels reach a phenomenal 13 hours per day in July and don’t fall below an exceptional average of 5 per day in midwinter.
Mediterranean climates often see very hot summers, and Alanya is no exception. The peak summer months of July and August see average highs of 31°C, and temperatures well into the 30s are not uncommon.
Winters in Alanya see average highs of 15 to 17°C, which are about as warm as a exceptional spring days in the UK. Minimums throughout winter fall to a tolerable 7°C to 9°C, so you’ll need a coat. A coat with a hood is preferable considering the regular rainfall.

Spring and Autumn are also beautiful times to visit the area- whilst enjoying an average sea temperature of 18°C - 20°C in spring and 24°C - 28°C in Autumn, you can also revel in the average daily highs of 25°C to 30°C. The benefit of visiting during this time is that you will avoid the throngs of tourists that visit the region in the height of summer.

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